Sulawesi Toraja Kurre Pasang (132 lb)


Full Sack Sulawesi Toraja Kurre Pasang wet hulled

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One 60 kg (132 lb) sack of green Sulawesi Toraja coffee, late 2017 crop.

Spot location: Ohio

Specialty coffee production began on the island of Sulawesi in about 1975 with the introduction of a joint Japanese/Indonesian partnership.

While that partnership still owns an estate in the Toraja region it also sources cherries from the small holders in the region. They usually buy the cherries directly from the farmers in the region and wet process them themselves.  Kurre Pasang was trained as a young man by this company as a sourcer and processor.  He has won awards and accolades such for best supplier and best relationships for 7 out of the last 13 years.  In 2015 he was approached by our export partner and offered the opportunity to export his coffee directly.  Since then he has seen profits increase from about $.07 a sourced kilo to the point where he can now afford to buy his own warehouse and processing equipment for his mill.

Prior to 2017 Kurre Pasang exported to Korea only. This shipment marks his first foray into the US market.

Kurre trained the small holder farmers he works with in picking and processing their own cherries before he buys their partially dried parchment.  This allows the farmers to receive the benefit of the value added service they provide in pulping and drying.  After Kurre buys the parchment he hulls it at 30% moisture and dries the wet hulled beans that result to 12% moisture and hires sorters from the local populace to reduce the defect count in the resultant beans to below 3%.

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Weight 132 lbs
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Sulawesi, North Toraja Regency


Wet Hulled