Specialty Coffee Sourcing and Production

We work directly with smallholder coffee farmers in the Indonesian archipelago to bring you reliable, traceable, quality coffee.

What is this that just hit our inventory? It is a sample roaster. The Santoker Q5 is a 50g capacity all electric roaster with app based interface. We have only experimented with a couple of trial roats but so far are really excited about what this thing can do.


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Happy New year dan Selamat Tahun Baru. We are starting the year off right by getting back to processing. We have a little fully washed Baratas Wanayasa parchment left over from the 2020 harvest to get us through until the 2021 main harvest.

Our goal on 2021 is to expand our farmer base and triple production in our mill. Help us to reach our goal this year by trusting Bright Java to be your source for reliable, traceable, quality Indonesian coffee.


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Thanks for visiting @mikaeljasin. Let's make more anaerobic fermentated coffee in 2021.

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Discussing the wildly successful Catur Collection @baratascoffee74indonesia and @mikaeljasin and how to bring even more anaerobic fermentated coffee to market in 2021.

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Sigarar Utang, a catimor varietal popular in Indonesia. One of its characteristics is that there are almost always cherries ripening on the tree.

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Let's do it again! Beginning the process of reviving our bacterial and yeast starters for the 2020-21 fly harvest in Central Java.


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Join us as our founder discusses how to connect buyers with sellers of East Java coffees.

Pusat Penelitian Kopi dan Kakao Indonesia bekerja sama dengan Bank Indonesia menggelar acara Holistic Coffe Expo yang diadakan selama 2 hari dengan rangkaian acara sebagai berikut:

Hari ke-1 - 11 December 2020
Pukul 08:00 s/d 09:35 WIB
Opening Ceremony & Launching Platform www.coffeehub.id
Sambutan :
1. Direktur PT. Riset Perkebunan Nusantara
2. Kepala Bank Indonesia Jember
3. Bupati Jember
4. Gubernur Jawa Timur
Link Pendaftaran (free e-certificate) : http://bit.ly/Coffee-Talks
Link Zoom : bit.ly/HCETalks

Pukul 13:00 s/d 14:15 WIB
Webinar- Bring The Indonesian Coffee to The World Stage
Moderator : Nadia Soekarno - Tenaga Ahli Kemenparekraf
Narsum :
1. Agung Wahyu Susilo - Kepala Puslitkoka
2. Omar Karim - Co-Founder Dua Coffee Washington DC
Link Pendaftaran (free e-certificate) : http://bit.ly/Coffee-Talks
Link Zoom : bit.ly/HCETalks

Pukul 14:25 s/d 16:55 WIB
Talkshow - Connecting the Coffee Supply and Demand in East Java
Moderator : Pranoto Soenarto - Wakil Ketum AEKI
1. Didik Suryadi - Petani Kopi
2. Suyitno - Petani Kopi
3. Miftahul Kirom - AEKI
4. Troy Kiper - Co-Founder BrightJava
Link Pendaftaran (free e-certificate) - https://bit.ly/Business-Talks
Link Zoom : https://bit.ly/HCEBTalks

Hari ke-2 - 12 Desember 2020
Pukul 08:30 s/d 17:15 WIB
Fun Cupping & Lelang Kopi Virtual 10 sample kopi dari wilayah kopi Jember, Bondowoso, Banyuwangi, Situbondo, dan Lumajang (Sekarkijang)
Link Pendaftaran (peserta lelang dibuka untuk umum) - https://bit.ly/regisLiveAuction
Link Zoom (partisipan umum) - http://bit.ly/HCEAuction
*doorprize menarik bagi pemenang lelang.

Akan ada doorprize dan quiz tapi untuk partisipan yang beruntung. Selain itu, ada juga Special Performance dari Endah N Resha.

Yuk belajar lebih dalam lagi tentang Kopi Indonesia dari sang ahlinya.

Sampai bertemu di ruang virtual.

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The whole Bright Java team wants to send a big thankful shot out to @ssgcoffeecompany and @iit.coffee for trusting us to be a part of the 2021 Catur Collection of super-cool, awesome, amazing specially fermented coffees.

Oh and the shirts are great too!

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The next step in increasing productivity of one of our favorites is teaching the growing group how to make traps to reduce the population of the Coffee Berry Beetle in their plantation.

This nasty little bug is one of the few pests that can survive in the caffeine rich environment inside a coffee cherry.

With the increased productivity our farmers will be able to keep more of fruit of their labor and hopefully resulting in better quality of life. That's true sustainable practices.

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Coming Soon to America: Central Java Mount Merbabu Natural Process.

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