Meet The Team

Troy Kiper – Managing Director / Co-Founder

Troy is an American who retired from the US Marines and founded Bright Java after moving his family to Southeast Asia. He developed an interest in high quality coffee while still serving in the Marines after a coworker sent him the link to a coffee website that sold green beans to home roasters (Sweet Maria’s if you are wondering). Troy and Aswan met in 2017 and decided to pursue coffee as a business opportunity that also built up the community around them.  Troy and his wife Renda have five children and live in Salatiga, Indonesia. He enjoys cycling the mountainous roads of Central Java, discovering new coffees, and visiting Indonesia’s beautiful islands.

Aswan Winarto – General Manager / Co-Founder

Aswan Winarto grew up in a poor home in Semarang, Indonesia, spurring on his desire to be part of a business that can empower others. In 2016 one cup of coffee inspired him to try and use coffee as an avenue to bless the people around him. He met Troy in 2017 and together they co-founded Bright Java. Aside from drinking coffee, Aswan enjoys traveling, watching NBA and English Premier League games, and reading. He loves going on walks with his wife, Melissa, and drinking coffee outdoors.

Renda Kiper – Chief Finance Officer

Renda Kiper is Bright Java’s CFO, CIO, and Troy’s wife. She was born in Ohio, USA who went to Rice University where she studied computer programming. She married Troy in 1996. She and her children and husband moved to Indonesia in 2015. Renda now manages the company’s finances and website. She enjoys walks with her kids and reading when she isn’t working.

Sophia “Desi” Remindauw – Admin / Accounting

Desi Remindauw was born in Papua, the easternmost province of Indonesia.  After moving around a few times she finally ended up in Salatiga. She studied economics in college and the social research she learned there sparked an interest in joining an organization with the vision of empowering communities. In 2018 she discovered Bright Java had that vision and joined the company. Desi loves helping many coffee farming communities through her work in Administration and accounting. She comes from a multi-cultural family from all over Indonesia, but her favorite place in the country is Salatiga. She enjoys playing volleyball in her free time.

Handoko “Eko” Trisnanto – Production Manager / Farmer Relations

Eko Trisnanto is from Central Java, and first became interested in coffee due to the farm his wife’s family owned on the island of Sulawesi. He heard about Bright Java through a mentor who knew he was interested in coffee. Eko began interning at the company in 2018 and after six months became a full member. He now visits farmers and helps them increase their coffee quality and quantity. He is interested in processing coffee and enjoys studying about how to improve coffee quality. Eko currently lives in Salatiga with his wife, Novi. He enjoys  karate and playing soccer in his spare time.

Firstein “Stein” Manogko – Roaster / Cafe Sales

Stein Manogko is from Manado, in North Sulawesi, and has been a coffee lover for years. A friend of his introduced him to Bright Java in 2018, while he was working as a barista. In 2019 he joined the Bright Java team, hoping to learn more about coffee. He is now a roaster for Bright Java and enjoys being part of a company with the goal to empower people with knowledge. In his free time he enjoys playing sports like soccer and badminton.