Quality Indonesian coffee ~ Sourced from small holder farmers ~ Roasted at origin


Directly Sourced

94% of the coffee grown in Indonesia is from small holder farms with one hectare or less of land.  Many produce excellent quality coffee that never make it to international markets.  We partner directly with these farmers and producers to ensure each farmer gets a fair price for their coffee, and to offer your customers coffee that is responsibly sourced.  Check out how direct sourcing can positively impact your business and coffee operations.


Processed to High Standards

We work directly with farmer groups to maintain green bean quality.  We use state-of-the art machinery to deliver consistent roasts with every batch. We roast to order in batches from a few kilograms up to a ton.  At heart we are specialty coffee lovers and the unique flavors of Indonesian coffees are brought out in every roast. 


Roasted at Origin

Costs in the archipelago of Indonesia are a fraction of what they are in more developed countries.  We pass the savings on directly to our customers, allowing you to offer your customers a better coffee at a better price.  Call us to see how your coffee, roasted at origin then shipped air freight to maintain freshness, can transform your business pricing.

Industrial roasting capacity
Expertly crafted roast profiles
Packaged to your needs


Order from one of our expertly crafted blends or choose a single origin coffee for your needs.  Alternately contact us to craft the perfect blend for your market.

100 percent Arabica roasted coffee

Royal Blend

100% Arabica
Origin: West and Central Java
For espresso-based hot drinks


Single Origin Ciwidey

100% Arabica
Origin: West Java
For hot and cold brew


Arabica Robusta blend for espresso

Palace Blend

70% West Java Arabica
30% Central Java Robusta Grade 1
For hot and cold espresso drinks


Serve your customers the way you do best
Let us handle your roasted coffee


  • Coffee shops
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Businesses
  • Specialty grocery stores
  • Private label coffee

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