Our Story

Bright Java started in 2016 after Troy and Aswan realized that small holder farmers could be better served in the international coffee markets. Their stories were getting lost in the supply chain and drowned out by commerce.

Indonesia is the fourth largest coffee exporting nation in the world. Only 25% of coffee exported is Arabica, the other 75% is Robusta. Most Indonesian coffee grown on Sumatra, and 95% of coffee is grown by small-holders: people who usually have only one to three hectares of land. Unless they gather into large co-ops these people are at the mercy of middle men and market forces. Bright Java set about to try a new sourcing model.

We partnered with two co-ops and gave them advice, training, and capital when needed. Now we have refined our model to have a dry processing station that allows us to increase the capacity of partnered farmers in our area.

We are located in a small town in Central Java. This puts us close to the port of Semarang and close to the up-and-coming sourcing region of Central Java, as well as between East and West regions.

Logistics-wise Java is a great island. Even though Jakarta is the cultural, financial, and logistical hub of the city, we decided to locate ourselves somewhere else. We placed ourselves in a location that has a developing port, frees us from the grid lock that grips the capital, and puts us closer to the farmers we want to reach.

Our small, multinational team consists of Americans, Indonesians from several ethnic groups, and Hong Kong Chinese. When you work with us, you work with a team that has depth of experience and international experience. We develop trustworthy two-way relationships between our buyers and suppliers.