Why Our Coffee?

Up to 2.3 million households in Indonesia are involved in coffee growing and production.

We work directly with smallholder farmers to source and export specialty-grade Indonesian coffee.

We sell to cafes, roasters, and importers of all sizes. desiring direct trade relationships.

We foster holistic transformation of the coffee growing communities we work with.

Quality Coffee

We prioritize quality assurance checks throughout every step in the picking, processing, milling and exporting stages in order to ensure consistently good coffee.

We work with farmers to constantly improve the coffee grown

We run our own dry mill to extract the best beans at quantity.

We cup and do constant quality checks throughout the growing, harvesting, and processing period

Reliable Coffee

You can count on Bright Java to deliver what you request. Sixty sacks of coffee means sixty sacks of coffee.

Thirty kilogram boxes means you get thirty kilograms of coffee, not rocks, sticks or anything else in your order.

We form long term relationships with partner producers so we can ensure the same quality, or better, year in and year out.

On the cupping table, we apply stringent standards and only accept the best.

Traceable Coffee

Working with the same grower groups and co-ops allows our final customer to know and be connected with the farmers who had a hand in making the coffee.


Sometimes we can trace a cup right down to the smallholder family with 20-30 trees who grew it.

Traceability is not just some buzzword. It allows people to connect through this wonderful drink

On the cupping table, we apply stringent standards and only accept the best.

We Give Back

Our ultimate goal is holistic transformation of producer communities.  We are not a charity or an NGO but we realize business with a purpose has the opportunity to not just enrich shareholders but to empower lives up and down the value chain. We take our profits and invest in better growing practices, new seedlings, and training for our grower partners. Whether it be through training, social programs, or reinvesting profits into producer communities, we want our farmers to live a better life.

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