The Ideal Land for Coffee Needs Cultivation

Indonesia is well known as a specialty coffee origin, but the fact is that this renown comes from only a few well-developed coffee regions, out of dozens or even hundreds of regions with specialty coffee growing potential. Many farmers need mentoring and guidance as to how to produce a coffee bean that the specialty coffee lover really wants to buy.

In fact, in many areas, a lot of coffee that is grown is low-quality Robusta, or Arabica that is poorly picked, handled and processed so as to ruin the flavor. How tragic to cultivate coffee trees all year, only to do something like dry the beans on the ground so they come to taste like the soil! Such coffee brings only a very small profit to the grower – so little that sometimes the farmers do not even bother to harvest their trees.  

We live here on the ground in Indonesia so we can really connect with the farmers personally and help them create truly great coffees. We don’t want to just find the great coffees that already exist – we want to mentor more farmers to be able to create it. And we want to sell this world-class coffee directly to the coffee lovers, bringing their stories all the way back to the person who actually gets to enjoy their coffee.