West Java Malabar Aged Wet Hulled

The vast majority of Indonesian coffee farmers are small holders with less than 1 Ha of land. In order to help bring the products of small holders in the Malabar region to market we chose a partner mill to collect parchment for us. This coffee is our collaboration with the Yoga Nugraha Mill located outside the city of Bandung in West Java. Yoga, the owner, collects small holders’ parchment just before hulling in the wet hull method popular amongst many Indonesian coffee producers. After hulling at 30% moisture they are sorted by hand. The green beans are set out to dry to 12% moisture and then sent to our company warehouses in Central Java where they go through a second round of hand sorting before being bagged in LDPE bags inside the standard jute sacks.

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ProcessWet Hulled
Tasting Notescitrus, cocoa, lemon, mellow, nutty
CultivarTypica, Catimor
RegionWest Java, Malabar Region
Crop Year2018

Qty available - spot4 tons
Warehouse locationCentral Java