Mount Merbabu Natural

Our Mount Merbabu coffee is hand-processed and produced by about 50 farmers in the village on the slopes of Mount Merbabu in Central Java.  Bright Java grows a catimor variety at an elevation of 1100 MASL. Because no coffee cooperative exists in this village, we partner with individual farming households instead of relying on one central unit. While this creates difficulties in terms of logistics and processing time, we value the deeper relationships we have formed with our producers. Our team spends a lot of time in the village during harvest seasoning, working hard to ensure that our farmers have a reliable method from lot to lot, producing excellent coffee with a consistent taste. We ensure this by teaching each family group to pick only the ripest cherries, build a raised drying bed, and dry green beans until they reach the optimal 11% moisture content.

Our 2021 harvest has been fully pre-ordered already.  Check out what’s in stock from other origins.


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Tasting Notesfloral, citrus, sweet, palm sugar, clean
Cup Score83.5
Elevation1000-1100 MASL
RegionMerbabu, Central Java
Crop Year2020

LocationIndiana, USA
Qty availableSOLD OUT
Annual Production3000 kg
Additional InformationPackaged in GrainPro